Women’s Getaway

One-Day Retreat

Saturday October 7th, 2017
Redeemed Farm
21325 Meadowbrook Ave N
Scandia, MN 55073

8:30am – 5:30pm

$65/Person (Light Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks Included)

Even a single, tiny seed holds great potential. A good deed, a helpful idea, a hopeful word, and a faithful action — these are little daily seeds that can multiply and move far beyond our imaginations.

Could the seeds we plant today really shape tomorrow’s reality?

The Bible also tells us that we people are seeds in this earth, but our struggle is real. We will face dark nights of the soul and wonder if our true identities will ever see the light of day. We will have to keep faith and weed our worry, creatively nourished by God’s word and ways. It’s a rigorous transformational process to go from merely surviving to gracefully thriving!

Women of all ages and experiences, join us at the beautiful Redeemed Farm for a humorous and heartfelt day to shine. Filled with worship, dynamic teaching sessions and discussions, we’ll be featuring power-packed, gritty insights from six unique women tracing the paths of their unstoppable seeds.

Independly hosted by Sue Lennartson and Tahni Cullen, long-time friends and Minnesota ministry partners who love to inspire women to live authentic, faith-filled lives through their speaking, writing, pastoring and coaching. Oh not to mention Sue’s ukelele.

The filed is the world. The good see is people who belong to the Kingdom. Matt. 13:38

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